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Why Aam Aadmi Party

The Promise of AAP

We formed the Aam Aadmi Party to bring an end to corruption and begin real development. Our promise to the people of Delhi are

- Janlokpal bill by Dec 29, 2013
- CAG audit of Electricity Discoms and 50% reduction in Electricity prices
- Prevent Water theft and ensure upto 700 Litres of water to everyone
- Making Delhi a city that celebrates the freedom and equality of women, starting with their Safety
- Real Human Development, starting with focus on health and education


Two years ago, you came out on the streets to demand a strong, anti corruption law. The Janlokpal bill. Now, it is in our sight. Its features include.

- Independent Investigative Agency, free of government control
- Provision to recover money from those convicted by attaching their properties
- Delhi CM, all ministers and all Delhi Govt. officials come under its purview
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Electricity Prices

Electricity prices have increased more than a 100% in the last two years. Mostly because of fudged and incorrect reporting of accounts. Aam Aadmi Party is here to challenge all that. We will...

- Get a CAG audit done of the accounts, to reveal the true position of the discos
- Reduce Electricity Prices by 50%
- Promote the use of alternate energy
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Women's Safety

Women in the city need to feel free & secure. Its their city, their home. Government needs to do more and citizens need to come forward and help. Aam Aadmi Party will...

- Start a Women's Security Initiative, which will provide an additional layer of security & enable justice for victims
- Engage officers of the Indian Armed Forces in the Women's Security Initiative
- Most importantly, No TAINTED CANDIDATES will be allowed to hold party posts or contest elections.
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Water Supply

Delhi is a water surplus state. Yet, over 40% of Delhi does not get clean drinking water. Interestingly, there are a large number of water tanker supply companies that always have water. Have you ever wondered why? Aam Aadmi Party will

- Prevent the theft of water by the water mafia
- Ensure 700 Litres to every family
- Rain Water Harvesting will become a priority area.
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Health & Education

Real development starts with people's development. If our children have basic healthcare and education facilities available, they will bring about true development.

- Education will become a focus area . Spending on Government schools and easy access to education to all will become a priority.
- Healthcare will be the other focus area . Spending will be increased to improve healthcare standards in existing hospitals and new hospitals will be developed.
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Sanitation & Waste Management

To make Delhi a truly world class city, Aam Aadmi Party will

- Build 2 lakh toilets
- One-Fourth of the city does not have sewers. Bring them under the Sewer network
- Mohall Sabhas to be granted funds & control over local waste management
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Meet Our Candidates

In less than a year of its formation, Aam Aadmi Party has launched a formidable challenge across Delhi. It is fielding 70 candidates. Complete details can be found below

Full List of AAP Candidates