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Key Issue: 
  1.  Electricity Prices - Electricity prices have increased by more than a 150% since 2011. This is inspite of the fact that the distribution losses have come down from 50% to 20%. The government is hesitatnt to call for an audit of the discoms and is supporting them by ordering price rise after price rise.
  2.  Women's Safety - Women's safety remains a big concern for women of Delhi. In spite of multiple promises for stronger laws, better enforecemnt etc, nothing has been done to make women feel secure. The Delhi Goverment hides behind the excuse of "We dont control the Delhi police". Its time to end the blame game and take decisive action.
  3. Price Rise - Price rise has hit you & me, really hard. Be it petrol (over 40% of petrol prices are handed over as taxes), gas cylinders, vegetables, fruits, groceries..anything, prices just seem to go higher. In efficient distribution systems, bad planning& governance and corruption at all levels continue to drive prices higher and make the common man's life increasingly difficult.

AAP Candidate from Janakpuri
Rajesh Rishi

After listening to Dr. APJ abdul kalam speaking on alternative farming Rajesh rishi had a tremendous change of heart.

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Janakpuri falls under the West Delhi Parliamentary constituency of Delhi.

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