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Time to fight for India - Mayank Gandhi

Dear friends,
When I read that Arvind Kejriwal declared that he will stand against Sheila Dixit in the November Delhi elections, I got charged up. What daring, what disregard to power and personal victory ! He has chosen not to play safe like others but to lead from the front. This is independent India's biggest Dharma yuddh. A veritable war with a small band of honest, daring patriots taking on the hydra headed corrupts.

Manish Sisodia - A glimpse of AAP's candidate selection process

एक चाय कंपनी के विज्ञापन में एक नौजवान वोट मांगने आये नेताजी से उनकी योग्यता पूछ लेता है तो नेताजी बिदक जाते हैं. विज्ञापन तो 'जागो इंडिया' का नारा देकर चाय पर खत्म हो जाता है लेकिन आम आदमी पार्टी जिस राजनीति की बात करती है, वह यहां से शुरु हो रही है. पूरा दृश्य रोमंचित करने वाला है. 

Anti corruption does not mean anti business

Be it a 3G scam or Mining scam, be it irregularities in allotment of land or purchase of defence items, there is a clear nexus between businessmen and Politicians made possible by conniving Bureaucracy.

We as a party are targeting the corrupt, irrespective of who they are. When businessmen are named in our exposes then the bogey of Aam Aadmi party as “Anti-Capitalist” is raised. We, like all people of this country want a clean society. We want to break the nexus of Politicians, Industrialists and Bureaucrats. Read More

Power to the people

In true spirit of power to the people, Aam Aadmi Party has decided that there will be 71 manifestos of the party for Delhi elections. There are 70 assembly constituencies. There will be one manifesto for each constituency. Read More

Why are we unable to act of Chinese aggression? (Hindi)

- विदेश मंत्री की बीजिंग यात्रा और चीनी प्रधानमंत्री की दिल्ली यात्रा पर कड़े फैसले लेकर देश के सम्मान और सुरक्षा को बचाए रखने का वक्त,

Read More

Proud to be an Indian

On 28 April, during our rally at Jantar Mantar, someone came and placed an Aam Aadmi topi on my head with a lot of affection. "Main hoon Aam Aadmi" was written in both Hindi and Urdu on this topi. I gladly accepted it and kept wearing it the whole day. Since then, some friends have accused me of Muslim appeasement, tushtikaran etc. I am surprised at this reaction. I fail to understand how I hurt anyone's feelings or appease anyone. Read More