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Hope or Disillusion?

Indra, my 4 year old daughter loves watching movies on Netflix. Last week, as soon as she came from school she took my iPhone and got herself locked in her room. I let her watch since I wanted to get my house work done. After about 2 hours I realized it’s too late. She has been watching movie for last two hours. I asked her to open the door. She refused. I warned her and she agreed. I asked her what she was watching. Read More

Rethinking Politics

By Kamal Mitra Chenoy

Commentators are puzzled by AAP. Many think it is still a movement, not yet a party. Further, since it does not have a programme it cannot be a party which would have a clear picture of what it's long term agenda is. Above all it's place is not in the streets and the gullies where the poor and middle class live. It's site of action should be legislative bodies and the corridors of power. Read More

Demystifying anti-AAP cacophony

By Shana Sood

There are two groups of people who are raising a hue and cry about AAP and criticizing them at every step. The first being members of other parties - politicians, their followers and media channels in whichthey have a direct or indirect stake. And understandably so, because they are the reason AAP exists. By any stretch of imagination AAP could have not foreseen this reaction coming from its direct adversaries. It is the second group that worries me more - seemingly logical and educated people who up to now were either AAP supporters or completely apolitical - but have begun to attack AAP on non-issues (of course influenced by the utterly biased noise) thereby missing the big picture that led to AAP’s being. Read More


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