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Shahi Imam's decision is wrong

Translation: We have opposed the wrong policies of the Narendra Modi Govt and will continue to do so, however the decision of the Shahi Imam of Delhi to ignore the Prime Minister of India and go on to invite the Prime Minister of Pakistan cannot be termed correct under any situation. This is even more true in a situation when Pakistan continues to attack our soldiers on the border. One can have internal differences, but the Shahi Imam should not have invited the Pakistani Prime Minister.  Read More

CBI director must be immediately suspended & his misconduct probed

The Aam Aadmi Party demands the immediate suspension of CBI director Mr Ranjit Sinha for having compromised the investigating agency’s impartiality through his unbecoming behaviour of holding secret meetings with the accused in cases probed by the agency.

Mr Sinha has already changed his statements thrice in an unsuccessful attempt to desperately defend his meetings with the top officials of a corporate house, which is one of the main accused in the 2G telecom spectrum scam. Read More

BJP exposed : Video evidence of BJP attempting horsetrading

Delhi BJP vice-president caught on video offering Rs 4 crore bribe to an AAP MLA

·         Promises to make the MLA meet his party high command

·         Says RSS is agreeable to form government in Delhi through defections

·         Claims he is in touch with atleast four other MLAs

The real character of BJP stands fully exposed and this time it has been caught red handed. It is an admitted fact now that the BJP is desperate to form a government in Delhi by hook or by crook. For doing so, it has no hesitation whatsoever in even indulging in the most unethical practices, including engineering defections by offering bribes to MLAs.   Read More


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