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13 Ugly Tactics employed by the Invisible Dictatorship in India against Civil Protests

Every time there's a civil protests govt is ready to pull-out tricks after tricks to suppress the public voice, where all it has to do is to listen to the people who elected it in the first place.

1. Secret gag orders are issued to the business-ends of the top media houses in order to reduce the coverage of activist movements. If not that, you'll see specially crafted interviews where the lines are fed to the tainted ministers as an image makeover process. If that doesn't work even genuine sting operations are painted into a counter-sting operations, after all, who owns the CBI? Read More

Dear Voter, Every Single “Long-Beep” will Decide the Future of Your Loved-ones

Delhi is the center of politics in India – and in last 3-4 years Delhi has seen a lot, a hell lot. People across the country are slowly becoming more intolerant towards corruption. Media and activists are overworked exposing political malpractices. Today Indian youth is more interested in politics than Bollywood or Cricket. As a nation we’re entering a new phase where old-style ‘mai-baap’ politics will soon have no place.  Political parties will either adapt to this new attitude, or perish.

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Rahul Gandhi condemns Naxalism openly but cleverly hides his secret guilt

Rahul Gandhi claims that the Naxal attack in Chhattisgarh is an attack on democracy. Very cleverly he raises Congress to the level of “democracy” and also refuses to involve politics into it. I’d like to ask why this particular attack is an attack on democracy. Just because it killed over 20 people, is that how it qualifies?

Democracy means rule of the people. And if India, especially rural India, did have the rule of the people – ideologies like Maoism wouldn’t have spread so deep.

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