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Varanasi Diaries - May 6

भरी दोपहर में विशाल ददलानी और जावेद जाफरी दाल मंडी में लोगों से जनसम्पर्क करने निकल गए. लोगों ने छातो से फूल फेखकर उनका स्वागत किया। पठानी टोला, जैनपुरा और हरहा में जनसभा भी की. लोगो बॉलीवुड के मशहूर गायक विशाल ददलानी को सड़कों पर देख काफी खुश हुए और उनसे जा जाकर हाथ भी मिलाया। विशाल ने जनता से ईमानदार नेता को चुनने की अपील की.
जावेद जाफरी दाल मंडी में व्यापारियों से मिलने के बाद बिस्मिल्लाह खान के घर पहुंचे. जावेद ने जनता से कहा, "इस बार वोट बटने नहीं देना है. मिलके झाड़ू से राजनीती की गन्दगी साफ़ करना है." 

CBI can investigate corruption cases without waiting for consent from the government

This judgement has come in a petition filed by Prashant Bhushan in 2003 on behalf of the Centre for Public Interest Litigation. The Supreme Court has held that this requirement of government permission for investigating high level corruption is promoting corruption and is also discriminatory since the Constitution prohibits discrimination between senior and junior public servants on issues of corruption. The court has also held that such a provision requiring the CBI to take government permission is also discriminatory in as much as the same corruption can also be investigated by the State Police which does not require any such prior permission. This will now free the CBI to investigate scores of corruption cases which are held up due to the non grant of permission by the government.  Read More

EC assures action against Varanasi DSP and promises fair polls

Taking cognisance of the complaint filed by the AAP against a Deputy Superintendent of Police of Varanasi, the Commission also assured action against the erring DSP. The DSP had sent an objectionable internal letter dated 28/4 about Aam Aadmi Party National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal's election campaign (Copy of the letter attached). The AAP has complained that the contents of the letter reveal a pro-BJP bias of the concerned officer. Read More

EC must not allow its credibility to be eroded

Modi has openly dared the EC to take action against him for speaking against the FIR ordered against him for flashing the BJP symbol and addressing a press conference in the prohibited area during voting on April 30. The EC has chosen to look the other way as it has done on complaints of bribing voters against Modi and concealment of his huge expenses during the ongoing campaign, which is being funded by top corporate houses. Read More


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