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AAP statement on the Gaza situation

We urge upon the Indian government to publicly call for a ceasefire in Gaza, allow doctors, medicines and all essential goods to get access into Gaza. Israel must compensate and pay reparation to the Palestinians for the extensive loss of civilian life and property.

We also call upon the government of India to support the call for an independent Palestine. These demands, specially for an independent Palestine are hugely important and both the Government and civil society must rise to support the Palestinian people and their struggle for justice, peace and independence. Read More

AAP will oppose TRAI amendment - it compromises regulator's impartiality

The AAP is of the clear view that the law cannot be changed for making an otherwise ineligible individual to take up a particular post, by first abusing the emergency powers of the government by bringing an ordinance, and then wasting the time of Parliament to suit the whims and fancies of an individual considered dear to the ruling establishment.

The AAP opposed the introduction of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Amendment) Bill, 2014, in the Lok Sabha on Friday, and will strongly oppose it when the bill will be taken up for consideration and passage in the House. Read More

Union Budget a damp squib

The party feels that the Budget presented by the Finance Minister, Mr Arun Jaitley has disappointed the Aam Aadmi who had great expectations from the Modi government, especially on the issues of price rise and job creation.  On these two issues the budget offers nothing.

People had expected some concrete and long term steps from the government in the direction of curbing price rise and generating job opportunities. Apart from this, the budget also does not spell out government’s plan to deal with impending drought when the agriculture sector is facing acute stagnation.

The Aam Aadmi Party wants to remind the Finance Minister that his party had promised to the people a slew of measures to curb price rise and inflation. These measures included setting up of special courts to stop hoarding and black marketing, but it did not find mention in the Union Budget presented today. Read More

AAP will oppose any change in law to bail out Vodafone

In its first general budget, the NDA government should not tamper with the 2012 amendment in the Income Tax law which makes it mandatory for foreign companies to pay tax with retrospective effect for mergers and acquisitions of companies having operations in India.   Read More

Expectations From The General Budget

The Aam Aadmi Party wishes to remind the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi of the promises that he and his party had made during elections. We sincerely hope that these promises were not merely slogans to garner votes and the Modi Government is serious about them. The first General Budget of the NDA government will be a test of its sincerity of the promises made in BJP’s manifesto.

Here is the wish list of the common man of this country from this general budget :




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