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AAP's rally at Jantar Mantar: Delhi Youth Pledge to Vote for Change

The Aam Aadmi Party rally at Jantar Mantar saw a grand turnout with a sea of white Aam Aadmi Caps flooding Jantar Mantar. Kumar Vishwas kicked off the rally at 4 pm to an eager crowd. Arvind Kejriwal was greeted with a deafening applause as he arrived at around 5:30pm. The AAP leadership including Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, Sanjay Singh, Manish Sisodia and Arvind Kejriwal too attended the rally. The leadership explained the many elements of change they propose for Delhi and elements of the AAP manifesto. Several candidates of AAP were introduced to the large crowd amidst applause and cheers. Read More

AAP invites Delhi to Jantar Mantar on November 23

Come out and be an Aam Aadmi – Jeet ki goonj

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party invites the Aam Aadmi – every citizen of Delhi - to come out and make their presence count in the democratic revolution.

On November 23 (tomorrow), AAP is organizing biggest gathering of its friends and supporters. People from across India would be joining us to support AAP’s goal of clean and honest political alternative. The entry for the event starts at 2pm. Read More

AAP thanks everyone for donating money for Delhi Assembly elections

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) sincerely bows down to steely resolve of people of India to fight against corruption and corrupt political parties.

AAP had set a target of Rs 20 crores to ensure that party has all the resources to fight Delhi elections. And we are happy to inform that our donation target for Delhi Assembly elections has been achieved. It has only become possible due to love, care and affection that people in Delhi, across India and from abroad have showered on us. Read More

AAP starts manifesto making process

Aam Aadmi Party has adopted a revolutionary process for finalising the party’s manifestos – the party plans to create 70 different manifestos for 70 assembly seats in Delhi along with a main manifesto for the national capital. For this, AAP has started doing nukkad sabhas and also going door-to-door asking people about issues that they think should be included in the manifestos. Read More

Anti corruption does not mean anti business

Be it a 3G scam or Mining scam, be it irregularities in allotment of land or purchase of defence items, there is a clear nexus between businessmen and Politicians made possible by conniving Bureaucracy.

We as a party are targeting the corrupt, irrespective of who they are. When businessmen are named in our exposes then the bogey of Aam Aadmi party as “Anti-Capitalist” is raised. We, like all people of this country want a clean society. We want to break the nexus of Politicians, Industrialists and Bureaucrats. Read More

AAP is the B Team of...

This is a question that we are asked often and the blank in the question is filled up differently, depending on who is asking. BJP supporters believe we are the B team of Congress, the guys supporting Congress believe we are the B team of the BJP.  Read More